Read Berkeley


To encourage life-long literacy and increase reading proficiency by providing free books and supplies to children in Berkeley County, West Virginia.


To gift every 2nd-grade child in Berkeley County a set of books that belongs to them.


  • There are 1,400 Second Grade students in Berkeley County Homes
  • With no books, children lose three months of reading comprehension over the summer. This accumulates from pre-k to third grade.
  • As of 2017, only 32% of 4th graders in WV read on grade-level.

*Data from the WV Dept of Ed Website report

  • Winchester Avenue = 24% reading proficiency
  • Burke Street = 53% reading proficiency
  • Rosement = 47% reading proficiency
  • Inwood Primary = 49% reading proficiency
  • Bunker Hill = 43% reading proficiency
  • Berkeley Heights = 41% reading proficiency

2019 Success

  • Read Berkeley expanded its reach to 640 students, a 344% increase from 2018
  • 9 schools were served - Bunker Hill Elementary, Winchester Avenue, Back Creek Valley, Berkeley Heights, Bedington Elementary, Rosemont Elementary, Tuscarora Elementary, Burke Street
  • Students received 8 books and a backpack that they picked out

2018 Success

  • Read Berkeley expanded its reach to 186 students, a 50% increase from 2017
  • 4 schools were served - Burke St. Elementary, Bedington Elementary, Back Creek Elementary, and Marlowe Elementary
  • Students received 8 books and a backpack

Thank you to our Major Read Berkeley Donors!